Common buckeye shadow

This was the first insect shadowbox I made; I wanted to mount the insects, but the only shadowboxes I could find were so big they looked dwarfed- and then I was like ‘oh, yeah, I do a thing that could solve that’. Anyway, this is a common buckeye, Junonia coenia, collected by an entomology student…

Mantis with leaves, shadowbox

My hands really hurt from cutting these intricate leaves (if it’s not clear, there are two layers of them, one green and one pink), but it’s the least this mantis deserves. (All my insects were collected by entomology students for a class and then given to me when the class was over). This piece is…

Still life with onions

Another in the still life line. These onions were pretty challenging, but I think I pulled it off. This piece is currently available at the Southern Art & Makers Collective, but if you’re interested in it and you’re not in Montgomery, contact me!


Here’s some parsley. Kind of a weird success. This gorgeous piece is probably available at Southern Maker’s and Artists, or DM me, if you’re interested.