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This would be the good beginning of a cheesy horror movie about a women giving birth to hundreds of squid babies.

There are a lot of buzzy new articles claiming that the squid ‘impregnated’ people’s mouths, so I just thought that I would reassure you that people do not have ovaries in their mouths and that squid sperm are not compatible enough with human eggs cells to fertilize them. Just in case.

Reference: Marian, J.E.A., Shiraki, Y., Kawai, K., Kojima, S., Suzuki, Y. and Ono, K., 2012. Revisiting a medical case of “stinging” in the human oral cavity caused by ingestion of raw squid (Cephalopoda: Teuthida): new data on the functioning of squid’s spermatophores. Zoomorphology, 131(4), pp.293-301.

This is a series of little illustrated factoids about animal reproduction, posted daily. I’d love to hear your suggestions/ feedback. I also post these on my insta.