Paper cuts

These hand-cut paper pieces are made of layers of color card paper. Some are available on my etsy, while others are for sale at the Southern Artists and Maker’s Collective in Montgomery, Alabama

Penis/ Butt chin

This is a series of little illustrated factoids about animal reproduction, posted daily. I’d love to hear your suggestions/ feedback. I also post these on my insta.

Reference: Shibukawa, K., Tran, D.D. and Tran, L.X., 2012. Phallostethus cuulong, a new species of priapiumfish (Actinopterygii: Atheriniformes: Phallostethidae) from the Vietnamese Mekong. Zootaxa, 3363(1), pp.45-51.

Austin, C.R., and Short, R.V. eds., 1986. Reproduction in Mammals. Cambridge University Press.

scientific illustration + art

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