Paper cuts and switchplates (possibly not?) available at Mama Mocha's

Okay, so we’re on some kind of crazy quarantine thing and Mama Mocha’s probably isn’t open, but if it was, you could totally go there to buy the most amazing switchplates ever, and also some awesome pieces of cut paper art. Look at these angry children. And also that unhappy clown. And some fish? I…

Digital art printed on stuff

GUYS, LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL THINGS I MADE! Okay, I didn’t make them; I uploaded some .ai images to this website and they’re all print on demand. I love the selection. There’s men’s clothes and woman’s clothes (but don’t let artificial gender constructs from ordering the clothes that best fit your body), and children’s…

Jellyfish #2

Cndarians are so great, aren’t they? Interested in this pic? Contact me!

Bird with snail

This piece is an orange-yellow- it looks ombre, but that’s just the lighting. Available now at Southern Maker’s and Artist’s Collective!

Marsh shadow

White heron standing in marsh. I think I’m going to do a ‘biome’ series. Ohhhh… such a good idea. So many biomes. Available now at Southern Makers and Artists Collective! or message me.

All the little fishies

Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about the ocean and all the little fishes. I had a really hard time doing the silhouette on this one- actually re-cut it. And I’m not sure it turned out how I wanted- I might need to do it again. Also, I need to get better at taking pics before…

Common buckeye shadow

This was the first insect shadowbox I made; I wanted to mount the insects, but the only shadowboxes I could find were so big they looked dwarfed- and then I was like ‘oh, yeah, I do a thing that could solve that’. Anyway, this is a common buckeye, Junonia coenia, collected by an entomology student…

Forest shadow

I’ve been pretty inspired by some of the cut paper artists on instagram, and this piece definitely owes a lot to them. So much fun adding in all the little animals. This piece is sold, but if you’re interested in something similar, I’m always happy to take commissions.

Feather study

Something really relaxing about doing one layer pieces like this. This piece is currently available @ Southern Makers & Artists Collective, but if you’re interested in it and you’re not in Montgomery, contact me.

Sleeping Chironomid

Note on citation 1: Hinton (1960a) states that P. vanderplanki is found in arid regions of northern Nigeria and Uganda, which is surprising, since the two countries are far apart and Uganda has few arid regions. I consulted gbif (, accessed 5/22/19), a global database for species occurrence records. There are only two records for…

The Fog catchers

Fog catchers are African beetles which survive in extremely dry conditions by adaptions that allow them to harvest the fog.