Circles with inside waves, shadow

I love doing abstract pieces like this, but I’ve never tried doing them in a shadowbox before. I love how it turned out! It will soon be available @ Southern Art Makers Collective . If you’re not in Montgomery and you’re interested in purchasing it, contact me.

Mountains, shadow

This really simple shadowbox has a beautiful view of the mountains. This amazing work of beauty is probably available at Southern Makers’ and Artists’ collective in Montgomery, or email me if you’re interested.

Whale city shadow

This is like the fifth whale city piece I’ve done, but this is the first city inspired by Mont St. Michel, and the first shadowbox. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with whales you can live on, but it’s a pretty great idea, if you think about it. This is also the first piece…

Poppies shadow

I think this experiment was a success! I wish I had a video of it- the cream layer is on top and the layers under it have those thin strips and are separated, so when you move the image changes a little. It’s pretty cool! This piece is sold, but if you’re interested in something…

Yoda and Jedi sigil

My partner loves Star Wars. Loooooovvvvvvveeeeeeesssssss. So I made him this as a anniversary present. I’m pretty proud of it- the shape in the background is the Jedi sigil and even though it was mostly an accident, I’m super pleased with how Yoda’s lightsaber forms part of it. Also, it’s kind of a rainbow, and…

Ocean shadow

Had fun thinking of what creatures to include in this shadowbox with blue and green layers. It’s currently available @ Southern Art Makers Collective . If you’re not in Montgomery and you’re interested, contact me.