Me, slide-mounting aphids. It’s freezing cold in my lab.

Hi! I’m a graduate research assistant at Auburn University studying entomology, specifically the evolutionary ecology of herbivorous insects. I’ve done a meta-analysis on what factors affect insect competition, and am currently working on two projects; a greenhouse experiment where I am investigating if surviving on a poor host for a while will increase a aphid’s ability to survive on other poor hosts, and a project where I’m using publicly available data to see if environmental factors or diet breadth influence the number of species in an aphid genera.

I’ve published one paper: Bird, G., Kaczvinsky, C., Wilson, A. E., & Hardy, N. B. (2019). When do herbivorous insects compete? A phylogenetic meta‐analysis. Ecology letters.

In my spare time (haha) I am an artist. Besides these cartoons, I also make cut paper art and I decoupage wall outlet covers with images cut out of old Scientific American. Both of these are available for sale at Mama Mocha’s in Auburn, AL.

My cut paper pieces, shadow boxes, floats, and insect shadow boxes are available at Southern Maker’s and Artist’s Collective in Montgomery, AL

So, yeah, my life is pretty awesome.

Even though I work in Auburn, I live in Montgomery, where I garden, walk my dog, and go to social events at Montgomery Pride United, the local LGBT+ center.

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My dog, Charlie

scientific illustration + art

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