About Birdoptera

Birdoptera provides us with an excellent example that a true genius, the mysterious Dylan Bird, can produce some thrillingly terrible content. Although, if you’re an existentialist, you might ask: how can Dylan Bird say that they’re a genius if all their work resembles that which falls from a cow’s backside? And rightly so. As Sartre says in his esteemed ‘Existentialism as Humanism’: “there only geniuses, only those who produce works of genius.” But, to counter with Nietzsche: “Socrates was fat.”

Dylan Bird, reputed genius to all but Sartreian Existentialists, created birdotopia to showcase all of their mediocre work, including a strange obsession with photographing fungi, much derided in all circles of people who do interesting things, writing poems which barely surpass the standard set by the Vogons, truly terrifyingly boring ramblings, and, of course, their bizarre inclination to cut up little pieces of paper. In short, this is an amazing blog to read if you are having difficulty reaching a comatose state.