Hooks and barbs

Shark sex is BRUTAL. Also, now you know sharks, skates, and rays have external genitalia, you can go to an aquarium and correct people whenever they misgender the fish. It’s a lot of fun! Probably why no one ever wants to go to an aquarium with me twice, because they can’t imagine having so much fun a second time.

References: Klimley, A.P., 2013. The biology of sharks and rays. University of Chicago Press.

Jones, C.J., Walker, T.I., Bell, J.D., Reardon, M.B., Ambrosio, C.E., Almeida, A. and Hamlett, W.C., 2005. Male genital ducts and copulatory appendages in chondrichthyans. Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Chondrichthyes: Sharks, Batoids and Chimaeras, ed. WC Hamlett, pp.361-393.

This is a series of little illustrated factoids about animal reproduction, posted daily. I’d love to hear your suggestions/ feedback. I also post these on my insta.

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