Digital art printed on stuff


GUYS, LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL THINGS I MADE! Okay, I didn’t make them; I uploaded some .ai images to this website and they’re all print on demand. I love the selection. There’s men’s clothes and woman’s clothes (but don’t let artificial gender constructs from ordering the clothes that best fit your body), and children’s clothes, and home goods, including shower curtains which, I don’t know why, I find kind of super ridiculous, but also cool stuff like rugs YOU COULD HAVE A BEETLE RUG!!!!! and duvet covers, and also super useful stuff like mugs and notebooks, and then the normal kind of thing: stickers, art prints etc.

The clothes come in lots of different colors because I know some of you like to be bright and sassy and some of you like to wear blacks and greys (except white because I do not like that I can’t wear white clothes without staining them SO WHY SHOULD ANYONE ELSE GET TO?!?!?!?).

I make very little off of each purchase. Seriously, like I earned 50 cents last week when someone bought a shirt. But I think it’s super fun and I’ve even gotten some pieces for myself, which I will, someday, put on insta. Here’s a travel mug I got from Jeff:

This travel mug is approved by Ray the Gay dinosaur and this kind of useless dinosaur ladle

It came out so well! I ordered one for myself, but it printed kind of wrong, so I contacted them AND THEY’RE REPLACING IT FOR FREE!!! Will post it when I get it. (Then I will have a mis-printed travel mug on my hands. What should I do with it? Get some stickers and have another kind of travel mug? THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER

Anyway, I decided to use threadless because I previously got some shirts from them and I’ve found them to be super comfy and well printed and wear well.

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