Sea creatures

yellow octopus
Inspired by Hokusai (of Great Wave off Kanagawa fame- as seen on the wall of every dorm room ever), this yellow octopus seems to be surprised by the water. Perhaps it thought that it would be drier?
whale city
Inspired by a previous Whale City piece I did (and just a little bit by Doctor Who), I didn’t intend for the background to be yellow, but the moment I saw how it looked, I went with it. This dark blue is one of the hardest colors of card to find. Alas (for you, not for me), it has already been sold!
These squid sure do love each other. 
squid red
This is one of my favorite squid pieces. I like how it looks printed.
squid and whale
This is the forth iteration of ‘Squid loves whale’. They look particularly childlike in this one. 
orange octopus
A customer commented to me that she thought that this orange octopus resembles ‘The Scream’. I think it’s the wrinkly lines. I like the water in the yellow octopus better, but here it’s delightfully turbulent.
octopus sandcastles
One of the rare pieces which is glued rather than layered. I think I was feeling particularly lazy that day.
fish circle
I’ve been working on variations of these koi for years now, but this is the first time I’ve done them in paper cut like this.
british whale
I didn’t intend this to look like the Union Jack; it just happened.

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