Pieces Inspired by Stained Glass

Spending the last month focused on artwork has really made me branch out a great deal. I have always enjoyed the abstract geometric pieces that I do, but at some point, during I was binge-watching Parks and Rec, while spending my days cutting, I made a piece which made me think of stained glass.

The stained glass pieces pose their own challenge, because the outlines are so delicate that it’s hard to get the subsequent layers to match up exactly, and they are much more time consuming than the other pieces I do. I but I love the way most of them have turned out.

green flower stained glass
The original stained glass piece. I’m super happy about the way the colors interact.
flowers stained glass
This stained glass piece is super art deco.
pink flower
This one is a little different because the second color was meant to add complexity to the design
yellow flower
I feel like there was something accidental about the off-center leaves here, but I can’t remember what it was
yellow flower green leaves
I got a little stuck on flowers at one point
This is my least favorite of the pieces. It’s just not terribly interesting.
orange geometric shape
Simpler, but similar to the preceding pink piece, I really like how simple and elegant this is. I feel like the colors are very different in person.
maple leaf
This one was pretty fun to make, but it’s a little cheesy. Also, this is not what maple leaves look like.
bright star
This is possibly my favorite. The brown first layer is one of my favorite colors of card; it’s textured like a paper bag, which is very different from most of the other colors (there’s a cream that has a similar texture). The brown card really makes the oranges glow and I’m happy I went with an asymmetrical look for the longest points- I think it makes it look like they’re scintillating.

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