Racist jokes


The sound of ice being chewed

Words that are capitalized that shouldn’t be

A kid trying too hard to get other kids to like him

Someone popping their pimples

When you sit down on the toilet seat and it’s a little wet

When someone asks you out and there’s nothing obviously wrong with them, but there’s this feeling

When you’re at a performance and one of the performers starts interacting with you

Realizing something’s moldy after you’ve already eaten a little

Bar floors that are sticky with spilled beer

Having just sent an important email/text and realizing there’s an error in it

Remembering something embarrassing that happened to you as a child

The sound cockroaches make when you step on them

When just one thing is out of place

Stitches (on a wound)

Seeing someone you had sex with when you were drunk

Intestinal parasites



via Daily Prompt: Cringe

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