Flight risk

I tell you I’m not good at commitment

you look at me surprised. It’s your line, in my mouth.

You’re that John Wayne no-emotions type,

weather-worn face, tightly closed lips,

and I spill everywhere, an overflowing river after a hard rain.


I move all the time, I tell you. I’m unsettled. I fidget.

A year in a place is a challenge,

three is a record.

I don’t have a contract, a lease, a cell phone plan.

I’m getting ready to take off as soon as I land.


You thought you were the one always likely to run,

but look at you; in the same county your whole life-

same job, same friends, same pick-up truck-

same favorite food since you were ten.


You don’t believe me, think it’s a trick I’m playing,

trying to lure you in, like you’re such a great catch.

Maybe you are, here.

But I’m not gonna be here for long- I just came for a brief spell

then I’m gone.



via Daily Prompt: Commit

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