If love lets lie

If love lets lie,
and sleeps in me like a child,
I will let love lie there,
breathing lightly and filling up
my empty spaces with dreams.
I will let that child into my belly
to fill in the empty spaces
that come between us.
Lie, love, lay down your head and sleep.

But if love frets and sets up a cry,
I will abandon her to the first man I see;
strong and tall enough to catch my eye,
with long hair I can wind my fingers in.
I will give her away and my heart,
clenched tightly in her infant fists, for
I cannot live in the shadow of her screaming.
If love has colic I will not let her be.

Lie, love, lie to me and say
that you feel no pain, harbor
no homesickness,
and I will keep you in a belly
already grown big with sorrow.
Lie, love, lie and sleep, and in sleeping lie,
that I may keep my heart to let love
reside in.

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