Three poems about a house

Last year, I participated in Common Folk’s ‘Sticks and Stones, Bricks and Mortar’ art show by making these three pieces. Each is a three dimensional construct made out of card paper to illustrate a poem. My first adventure both into integrating poems and art and in making three dimensional paper objects. 13507214_10157297292895107_5579730872500336905_n

If I was a rising tide,

and you were a house, slated for destruction,

we would come together with unstoppable force.


And I would smash your windows open.

And I would pound until your foundation shifted

and cracked.

And you would be left empty and useless,

leaking, rotting, unsafe.


If I was a rising tide, a storm tide, a hurricane,

and you were a house holding everything good,

how could I stop my wind, my waves, the rising tide, the pouring rain?

How could I save you, o house?

In the center there is a heart made of sculpty and painted red with nail polish

I thought it was a house

and then I looked out

and saw your ribs had made a cage for me

I beat at the bars but could not get free


Our love became a blood-soaked tide

we were destruction and destroyed

our love became a violent sea;

I am drowned- I cannot breathe


And all the plans that we have made;

foundation laid, walls painted, and windows glazed

Have all become an elaborate cage


A cage! A cage!

And I a rabid animal, tearing at my bonds! Oh!

I thought it was a house


Those with too much pride to seek forgiveness

Should be careful of that which must be forgiven


And so I don’t go down to the house by the water,

Though I long to see the cranes stalking through the weeds, for

That which has been done cannot be undone

And I break apart when I speak to you

13512027_10157297290365107_3042440559380802306_nThe pieces on display

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