You insist on getting up early

In the morning

Before the sun has truly come up

And fingers of light creep through the sky


And stand there,


Steaming cup held in your hand

Back straight


One would think you were watching a play

And not the light illuminate

The world so slowly, it’s hard to notice

Objects becoming visible one by one;

The trees, the mountains, clouds streaking the sky


I always mean to go back to sleep

When I feel the bed move beneath you,

The floorboards squeak

But instead my eyelids slip open


You are illuminated, as the world is, slowly,

Your figure emerging from the dark room,


Like a mind emerging from sleep

Coming into being new each day

As the day forms new


And you mark this event,

Make sure it’s complete before turning away

As if you created every glorious day

With your sight.

(With my sight

I create you)


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