Wanton book destruction

Once, long ago, I was hiking in the Atchafalaya (which is a large bayou-estuary type thing in Louisiana) with my friend Stewart, hoping to see some alligators, when Stewart found this bird skull and gave it to me (because he had enough bird skulls, I guess? Is that possible?). I took it home and puzzled about what to do with it for a long while, until I finally hit upon destroying a book for the nefarious purpose of re-purposing it into a skull holder. But my evil deeds did not end there. High on the trill of word-obliteration, I wrecked more and more books, some for the purpose of displaying animal carcasses and some just for the sheer joy of it, until an intervention was staged and I gave up my life of crime. Haha, just kidding; the crime spree will continue until all the books or destroyed, or I am killed through a thousand tiny papercuts.

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